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[ Question From Greg S. ]

Hello Deron,

With respect to the Copy, Paste, Profit vendor…

Should I go ahead and upgrade my account the third and forth subscription levels (edited for content protection)? I wanna start making more money with this. Do you suggest I upgrade now or make a few sales from the 2nd subscription level before I upgrade?

Also, is the forth subscription level lucrative? I’m asking because I just got laid off and honestly this is my only source of income.


Greg S.

– –

[ Answer by Deron ]

Hello, Greg –

With great sincerity, we are very sorry to hear that  you were laid off. It is never an easy situation to be out of a steady income – note: I did not say ‘out of work’ for a reason 😉

BUT, do keep in mind that you will not become an instant millionaire through this vendor (nor, any vendor we list).

It does take time and dedication to create a steady income – no doubts that you can accomplish that, but I do not want you to have too high of hopes that you’ll be making $x thousand per month within the first few days / weeks (although, it IS possible).

It’s very possible to create a cash-flow within a few days to weeks of listing, and the more time / energy you dedicate to this project, the sooner it will grow in terms of volume and frequency. The main key is to list, list, and list some more – of course, following the guidelines and training set forth by this vendor.

As for your questions, thank you – which we’ll be using in the Mailbags for the benefit of all members.

Let’s jump right in…

I’ll address your last question first. The forth level subscription is more lucrative in that you learn how to sell items on Amazon and customize your account for the highest level of profiting.

Essentially, you can learn how to become a power seller on Amazon without the pitfalls that most uninformed sellers make through trial and error. And, Amazon does allow for very high profits purely due to the dedication and loyalty of many of the buyers on the site.

HOWEVER, there are two key components to this (answering your first question):

1. Your level of effort and dedication play a fundamental roll: the more you list items and the more you continue to strive for excellent feedback from your buyers, the more potential you have for higher sales.

2. While Amazon expands your market potential and allows for higher profits, it’s very important to become proficient with listing on eBay – especially through what you learn on the 2nd and 3rd subscription levels.

Many of the fundamentals used for listing on Amazon are found in the lower subscription levels.

Additionally, having a seller account in both eBay an Amazon creates the potential for even more buyers from around the world.

Be sure that you’re a part of our team newsletter and team Facebook group for more insights from power sellers that we’re sharing access to.

As well, we may soon be able to offer you an opportunity to join a private online group with weekly coaching in the near future. Stay tuned.

I hope this helps,