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Getting Started With the ‘Copy, Paste, Profit’ Vendor

Dave Asks:

Wow, you really caught my attention with the article, “Copy, Paste and Profit“! And, to start it only costs $20.00 but is that a month or just a one-time start up fee?

Are there any other monies needed per month to keep “being” in the program? If this is truly what you say it is about just “Copy, Paste and Profit”, I could really use the extra $3K to more a month to help me out.

I will definitely have a new goal now to save up the money to join the Wealth Vault membership in order to start the “Copy, Paste and Profit” program. Thank you, Sir, so much for all of your help! I’m very excited by this new piece of info!

God bless!


– –

Answer by Deron:

Hi Dave,

We appreciate your message and all of us here are glad to be able to provide you with information that can help you create potential residual income.

The good thing about the vendor behind ‘Copy, Paste, Profit‘ is that you don’t necessarily have to be an M4 Research member to join.

It’s a recurring $20 monthly fee at the entry level. But, keep in mind that in order to earn $3k / month, you’d need to dedicate yourself to learning the training and need to put in 20-40 hours per week to create the opportunity to earn more.

Please keep in mind that for the first 90 days, there may be upfront out-of-pocket expenses, that are reimbursed to you within 2-3 weeks.

These expenses are inventory costs (i.e., you need product to sell in order to make profits).

The amount of upfront, out-of-pocket expenses is entirely up to you.

And, keeping in mind this fact, you ONLY have upfront costs IF a sale is made — in other words, you won’t be stuck with products you’ve purchased but not sold.

At the higher levels of this vendor, you’re able to earn higher profits in less time.

And, hopefully, you’ll get to a point where you’re earning enough to enter the higher levels.

In fact, in the new level they just launched the first week in June 2014, you’re now able to earn the highest profit margins in the retail markets worldwide (yes, that includes the profit margins of all major brands).

You’re given access to items as low as 20% of retail value to earn a whopping 80% profit margin!

However, bear in mind that to access this level of membership, you would need to purchase a higher end product

PLUS have the awareness of the training in the entry levels.

Whatever you decide, there is certainly opportunity to earn a supplemental or even a full-time income outside of a J.O.B.

In the meantime, here’s the informational video:


And, here is a one-hour webinar for more in-depth information:


We strongly encourage you to take your time and really learn what they are teaching once you become a member.

The earning potential is certainly there.