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Jovan B. Writes:

1. You write about many wealth-building ideas on your web site. Should I pay additionally to use them or they are free as an M4 Insider member?

2. I live in Macedonia. English is not my mother language and am a non-techie. Will it be easy for me to use your service?

3. There’s some content having to do with FOREX. I am a bit in knowledge with FOREX and I have some profitable systems, but the main obstacle is that they don’t offer  sound alerts on the computer.

It’s strenuous and almost impossible to find  timely the entry point. I always miss them, till I open all of the FX charts on my trading platform. Do you have such system, with sound alerts and what gadget should I  have on my computer to hear the sound alerts?

4. About getting business credit: Can I get it as a citizen of Macedonia ?

5. If I subscribe first quarterly, can I change it for yearly later, shortly  before the end of the quarter?

6. Do you recomend broker(s) outside of USA; is Macedonia to be in the list of countries (by some brokers, Macedonia doesn’t exist)?

– –

Answers [ By Deron ]

Hello, Jovan –

Thank you for your interest in our services, and we appreciate your questions.

I’d be happy to assist you.

1. It’s important to understand that you do not invest with us (other than your subscription fee). We research, test, and review other companies who provide investment services.

And, each service (as we call them, ‘Investment Vehicles’ or ‘IVs’), there will be some requirement of fees. Some charge a one-time fee for their services, some charge a direct monthly fee, and some charge fees based on performance – for instance, if you were to receive 10% profits, they may charge you a portion of that; and, if you don’t have profits, they do not charge.

2. We try to write in as plain and simple English as possible – it’s important to have an understanding of English in the same way someone of the age of 14 would have it. At times, there are more technical terms used.

BUT, you’re more than welcome to ask us to clarify anything you do not understand; we’re here to help. I have been fortunate to travel around the world a bit, and I have many friends who have English as a second (or, even third) language.

So, any questions you may have, you can submit a request here as you have already done.

3. Our focus is on systems and services where you are NOT the one trading. We prefer to let the experts to the trading, watching the computer screen, and preparing to take action on the alerts.

More than 90% of the IVs listed within M4 Insider do not require you to watch a computer for more than to check your account balance.

4. Unfortunately, the credit service is only for U.S. citizens, or those who have a U.S. Tax IDs. If this is something you’d be interested in, however, there may be ways to get a U.S. Tax ID, such as purchasing a corporation here. The credit provider would be able to better assist you with that.

5. You may adjust your subscription any time you’d like. We’d be happy to accommodate so long as you’re not changing your subscription more than once or twice.

6. We have resources listed within M4 Insider which discuss brokers all around the world – in and out of the U.S. We’d be happy to direct you to those resources once you’re signed up.

It’s my pleasure and let me know if you have any further questions.