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It always amuses us at the number of people out there who attempt to expose companies or product enterprises that they don’t have an ounce of valid or substantive information on.

Yes, believe it not, there are people in this world who make it their full-time mission in life to exude toxic energy in the marketplace.

We affectionately call them Anti-Scam Zealots (aka: ASZ’s).

Those who have been miswired to think it’s easier to defend the world-at-large from evil capitalists and TRY and take others down rather than roll up their sleeves, engage in hard work and value exchange, and succeed themselves.

A KEY characteristic of these ASZ’s are that in lieu of rational, grounded, intelligent comments or questions about something, they ATTACK with personal vitriol [yes, they are incredibly angry people usually] and lack substance and focus on the nature of the complaint or accusation.

Your and our internet becomes theirInter-Rant— a digital cesspool of mis-placed misinformation, half-truths, distortion, and erroneous / out-of-context hearsay.

In all my years of business — both offline and online — and dealing with human nature, I’ve never seen so much self-defeating efforts as those that can be found via very slanted and unbiased forums like

I tried posting a recent reply there on March 13th 2013… not once, but SIX times…. only to have it deleted each time.

If you’re reading this article here, then you presumably have already found the thread referencing our Wealth Vault product. At that thread at that site, you’ll see that I was able to defend our Wealth Vault house going all the way back to 2010; but, nope not this time.

Either their forum kept timing out, or some yahoo there (with the ID of “Yawn” and over 5,000 posts at – one who admits that he’s unliked (huh, guess Darwin’s rules don’t apply to him) — kept getting in the way of rationale, level-headed dialogue.

So, this is why it’s here, on our own servers (so it stays) 🙂

Our reply to a listing that they never accepted:

Attempted date of post: March 13th, 2013

From Tony Russo
WV Business Manager

The last time I visited this thread was over a year ago… and while I’ve got better things to do than respond to anonymous naysayers, I also believe it’s important that the public hears BOTH sides of the storyso they can come to their own conclusions based on the FACTS, rather than false and misleading statements.

So let’s start with the facts…

First off, there’s no denying that the decision to list several highly-speculative, unverified money-growing opportunities and investment programs in the early days of our membership (which was born in Dec 2009) was a big mistake – that error in judgment is our ‘dirt’ and we own it.

We’re not perfect and don’t claim to have an unblemished track record. However, one of the most valuable things a business can do is confront what’s not working and make necessary adjustments and corrections. And that’s exactly what we’ve done.

In hindsight, are there things we would have done differently?

Absolutely, without question.

It’s been a long time since we’ve listed unverified programs, but the hard lessons we learned from those past experiences have helped us become more vigilant with our due diligence / vetting process and have allowed us to make things right for thousands upon thousands of members.

For example, EVERY investment vehicle we currently endorse and list in the Vault must meet the following criteria:

  • All trades / transactions are 100% transparent and funds are held in a segregated brokerage account.
  • Has a verifiable track record of producing sustainable above average returns.
  • Someone we know and trust has experienced positive results, OR someone on our team has personally tested it out firsthand.

Occasionally, we remove investment / resource listings from the Vault, not because they’re “scams” as some on’s forum have insinuated (go figure, what other name could they ever use, huh?), but because they’re either no longer being offered by the vendor; taking in new members; sometimes, governmental policies change which remove the vendor’s ability to perform successfully; or the ongoing performance is no longer up to par.

That’s the nature of the industry.

Vetting out vendors who help our members grow money in unconventional ways is what we do.

It’sour focus, our full-time passion. Yet, we’re not robots with a magic ‘no-fail’ program installed inside us. We’re human too.

[[ Speaking of, read our post When Investing and Human Behavior Collide]]

Some things will continue to squeak by us. Yet, as our approach in the TYPE of vendor we do due-diligence on has changed over the past 2 years considerably, it would be incredibly ludicrous to reject everything we currently have to offer based upon mistakes that were made years ago.

That’s is truly ‘throwing out the baby with the bathwater.’

There’s no such thing as a high-return,no-riskinvestment. ALL investments carry risk, and the reality is, not everyone has the DNA to be able to handle the unavoidable drawdowns and losses that even the best investors and traders experience from time to time.

Many people naïvely think that their money is somehow safe because they’ve got it in a “legit” investment.

But the truth is, even the most well-researched investments can and do fail.

Just ask anyone who was a client of MF Global… or PFG Best, which was shut down after the owner was charged with embezzlement. Thousands of wealthy individual and institutional investors had all the DD in the world, yet they still lost hundreds of millions of dollars when these firms collapsed.

My point is, no one can guarantee that you’ll make money any more than a licensed financial advisor or broker could guarantee MF Global was safe.

That being said, the needs of our members always come first.

And while we do have profit-sharing relationships with a very small number (less than 3%) of our listed vendors (all of which are clearly and transparently disclosed in our members’ area), the fact of the matter is,NO ONE has ever paid us to write a review of any product, resource or investment opportunity.

I’ll leave you with some ‘proof-is-in-the-pudding’ food for thought…

We all know that anyone who has a gripe or complaint about any online business is usually prone to ‘spread the word’ through various forums like these.

As of today we have close to 3,500 fans on our main FaceBook page.

So, just for the sake of the argument… if the quality of research and content we publish is so bad, and the Wealth Vault’s track record is, as one former member previously stated, “…horrible. Absolutely horrible,” it would stand to reason that you’d expect to see a LOT more negative posts from other people, right?

I think any intelligent person can read between the lines here and realize that if we were intentionally out to harm people by publishing a bunch of amateurish garbage, there would be more evidence of that.

To the contrary, the unsolicited feedback we continue to receive from our members – even those that have been with us since the very beginning – is overwhelmingly positive.

However, at the end of the day, anyone who decides to ignore the facts (especially those that have been taken out of context) or base their decision strictly on the opinions of others (many of whom don’t know what they’re talking about), there’s probably very little I can do to change your mind.

That’s okay… and I’ll be the first one to tell you that we’re definitely NOT for everyone.

Since Day One, we’ve offered a 60-day money back guaranteeso members can take us for a risk-free test drive. Yet we rarely receive refund requests.

We continue to focus on providing the best, most up-to-date and usable wealth-building information for our members to take advantage of.

You can see some of our recent additions to the Vault here:

If you have any further questions, you can contact our support desk.

And to to demonstrate how confident we are in the value of our research / content, I’ll even instruct our staff to offer anybody who sees this on this site an additional month on any subscription they choose.

Simply say “ Extension” in an email to

Once again, I hope to see you on the inside,