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By Deron Desautels

Today, I wanted to give a healthy dose (or, slap upside the head) of common sense wisdom that doesn’t seem to be apparent to many (gullible) investors.

Markets rise, markets fall. Economies strengthen, economies weaken. There is no way to predict the future with absolute certainty; but, there is one thing you can bet on: Human Ingenuity

Technology continues to expand exponentially; just take a look…

Even 15 years ago, would you have envisioned such a luxury tool? Truth be told, in 10 years, this type of technology will probably be sold by street vendors and discount stores.

Yet, the most common financial instrument being preached on the internet these days are Armageddon, End of Days, Mass Destruction, The-Financial-Systems-Will-All-Crash “Trading Systems” and “Concepts” that are going to supposedly protect you at a time when all else will fail.

The most notable of these “preachings” is the “Buy Gold” Apocalyptic rants.

These “Internet Gurus” preach on how GOLD is the final answer – how, when currencies no longer have value and the great world economy has collapsed, GOLD will be your savior (note: the funny thing is, many times, these people also have a religious philosophy that runs contradictory to this nonsense).

But, think about it…

The End of the World (EOTW) would mean pure chaos. Pillaging, looting, riots, wars, starvation, and possibly radiation poisoning – do you really think holding a few pounds of gold will make a difference?

– – I mean, I suppose you could heave your gold bars at the heads of zombies and / or common thieves; but, that seems like a costly projectile with diminishing returns. Personally, I think it’d be better to use chunks of pavement (since roads probably won’t be used much anymore, you’d have a seemingly endless supply). – –

And, even more common sense (or, lack thereof), do you really think holding a piece of paper that says you own X ounces of gold in ‘some warehouse’ will protect you from what has befallen the world?

– – I’ve seen the movies… I really don’t think you’ll be able to stop a rowdy gang of new-world bandits or a pack of hungry zombies with a papercut – –

Personally, I would rather have a defensible camp somewhere (preferably within a reinforced structure or boundary), a few hundred cases of bottled water, enough canned goods to feed a family of 5 for 3 years, artillery (yes, it’s probably going to be needed – even just for intimidation), a couple of hunting dogs, and plenty of fuel for my 20,000-watt generators (of course, stacks of wood for fire / cooking would also be useful).

Mind you, I’m not saying that any of this WILL happen — but, that certainly seems like better preparation than buying into these DOOMSDAY, buy-gold-or-die-hungry fanatics.

But, don’t take my word for it…

Our very own Mr. Barry Goss has written numerous articles on the “Gold Bug” that seems to plague so many investors. His most recent, written in April 2012, is entitled, Gold’s Scary Secrets [ Part 2 ].

In fact, this article was so compelling that we received an immediate response from a friend and colleague, Doug Robertson, who has had his hand in various markets via his own trades, his trade mentoring, and formerly being part of a hedge fund.

His response is in this PDF.

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