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Paul Asks:


I just finished reading “The Renegade Money Guide” do you still have that program which you can put $1,000 in and with in ten years a person will earn $1,088,187? When I join can you point me to that specific program?

Thank you,


– – –

Answer by Brad:

Hi Paul,

In the hypothetical example I used in the report, I wasn’t referring to any one specific program. But we do have an IV (Investment Vehicle) in the Vault that has the ability to produce 6% (and higher) monthly returns, with minimums starting at $250 – $500.

All the trading is completely automated, but there’s one caveat with this extremely low-entry IV: it requires a more hands-on approach to picking and choosing top-performing traders and managing your account on a regular basis.

We’ve actually got an in-depth report (which is available in our members’ area) that covers what you need to do to get optimal results.

That being said, the crème of the crop managed and auto-traded IVs we list in The Vault have minimums starting at $5k – $10k, but offer a 100% hands-off approach. In other words, there’s nothing to manage yourself once your account is opened and funded.

In addition, one of our close colleagues offers an exclusive service which includes a one-on-one strategy session and customized wealth-building blueprint to help you generate $100K in passive income within 12 months.

Of course, past results are never a guarantee of future gains, but when you join as a Wealth Vault member, you’ll have access to some of the world’s best passive IVs that have proven track records of producing high double and triple digit annual returns.

I look forward to welcoming you aboard, Paul,