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By Barry Goss

There’s not a day that goes by that a business acquaintance of ours doesn’t either e-mail or ask us in person the following:

“Just what the heck do you guys offer inside your member area?”

After we grit our teeth, wishing we could always just instantly reply with: “Did you read our very content-rich site, including our very accessible FAQs?,” we relent and end up giving them the elevator pitch reply:

We act as a guide to off-Wall-Street ‘money’ resources – vetted people, ideas, and programs outside the mainstream to help you make, manage, and multiply your money in unique and uncommon ways.

The somewhat more descriptive answer is:

We’re investors and entrepreneurs first. Researchers and educators second!

We learn about money things, test them, use them, figure them out… and, then share what we know or know about. Not the other way around, like some folks we know of in financial research: Share, learn, test, hope it works (the see what sticks to the wall approach).

We specialize in researching, analyzing, and vetting out PEOPLE (i.e., traders, money managers, wealth-builders) and PROGRAMS (i.e., automated / managed account vendors, cash-flow opportunities, and misc alternative investing resources) as well as providing top-quality financial information related to how you can protect your hard-earn money.

So, even though it’s clear that we’re not billing ourselves as EXPERT market analysts, political commentators, financial preservationists (the folks that teach money tactics around a Sky-is-Falling fear-driven belief system), or offering up a standard buy-hold-sell advisory service, we DO still get questions (almost daily) that start with:

“What would you do if…”

– or –

“I’m looking for your advice on…”

– or –

“I’d like your take on this company’s program because I heard…”

The standard answer we have to give, of course, is that SEC regulations prohibit us from dishing out personal investment advice.

But, let me play hypotheticals here. Let’s just say that we could give personal investment advice, and that we could be more than what we are… which is strictly passive-income researchers, alternative investors, and financial journalists.

If we could say, “Take a look at ____(XYZ) stock,” or “Put 25% of your money in ____(XXX) managed trading fund,” what good would that do when we really wouldn’t know the nitty-gritty details of your personal financial life?

There’s simply no way we could know if an Investment Vehicle is good for your needs, wants, desires, because we don’t know your needs, wants, desires, risk-capital, risk tolerance, or any other detail about your financial well-being.

In short, the answer is simple:

We’d be doing you a disservice to try and offer you personal advice. Good investment advice isn’t something that you can get just by asking a question that you know will be answered non-interactively. And, given that we’re not equiped as a company (legally or logistically) to analyze your financial standing and determine your best steps, we won’t do it.

To get back to the basics…

This article is for  your understanding of our core ‘M4 Money’ mission:

To constantly be on the lookout for unique and uncommon tangible MAKE, MANAGE, and MULTIPLY money ideas and investment finds. We’re a rolodex of ideas and contacts, not an advisory service.