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A quick rundown of our company services and support center…

What We Do:

– Provide comprehensive research and information all in easy-to-read reviews, reports, and notes so that you don’t have to waste valuable hours seeking passive and active money-growing opportunities. However, upon reading our information, you do have to do some due diligence to ensure that a vendor may be right for you.

– Offer access to unique (and, hidden) resources to help you grow, save, protect, and multiply your hard-earned money.

– Create a friendly environment through which you receive fun interactivity and education.

What We DON’T Do:

– Provide one-to-one financial guidance, specific advice, or suggestions as to which IV or vendor may best fit your portfolio and activities. We simply don’t (and, can’t legally) help you decide whether or not to pursue a vendor – especially since we have no idea what your particular background, income-level, and risk tolerance may be.

We keep a hands-off approach to the finances of all of our members. For one-to-one financial assistance, you can, simply review our “Contacts / People to Know” page for access to qualified and registered financial advisors.

– Answer vendor-specific questions about brokerage firms, account setup, or money management. Each IV listed within The Vault is independent of M4 Research. Therefore, any questions related to their systems or services should be directed to their customer service.

For questions about your brokerage account and setup, please contact the broker directly.

– Act as a liaison for a vendor. On the rare occasion, we may check in with a vendor to ensure that you’re receiving prompt customer service.

However, 99% of the time, we will not do so. We can’t control how a vendor may run his or her business and customer service; and, it’s not our business model to provide customer service for their business (see above).

– Act as your personal investigator for vendors you come across along the way. We may take a peek at a few of them. But, trust us, we have a list of about 75 – 100 vendors in queue that we’re already researching, testing, and vetting out (mind you, likely only about 5% – 10% will actually make the cut).

– Control the future. Listen, we don’t have a crystal ball… therefore, it’s impossible for us to predict whether an IV, program, system, stock, currency, or other financial instrument will make money any given month. We can only go by past data to project the most likely course.

Extended positive past results (along with other M4 proprietary due diligence factors) generally show a vendor has the potential to continue pressing forward and generating money for its clients.

HOWEVER, as you should well know, “past results are not necessarily indicative of future performance.”