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About Our Affiliate Program

Do you see the value in promoting M4 Research products to either people you know (i.e., social media followers) or a list of loyal readers (i.e., an email subscriber list)?

If so, we have a generous affiliate program that allows you to profit from your endorsement of any and / or all of our products and services.

All we ask is that you tell us about your marketing and business background.

We used to make our affiliate program available and open to all M4 customers; however, as always is the case when it comes to salesmanship, some folks just do things how they see fit… instead of following the publishers rules, marketing guidelines and best practices.

So, on that note, we’re not going to be super-restrictive about the qualification. But we do need to know you have a genuine loyalty to our brand and see the ongoing value of our content.

We ask that you have a 100% opt-in subscriber or customer base, and understand cause marketing (see here).


How Does It Work?

This is a transaction (sale) based affiliate program, which means you will get a percentage of every referred sale.

That is, you’ll receive a commission for every purchase that is made through your unique affiliate ID.

You will be supplied creatives (emails, graphics, etc.) and URLs that will have your affiliate ID embedded in them.


How Can I Track My Sales?

As an M4 affiliate, you will get your own ID number.

That ID number will be embedded in the URLs that you send to potential customers.

Every time someone buys from your URL, that sale will be ‘flagged’ in our database and added to your Affiliate Control Panel (ACP), where you can see the results.


Is tracking ubiquitous across-all-products?

Yes, absolutely.

Anybody that you refer to any M4-managed product is credited to you, regardless of which product they first became a customer of.

You’ll be credited for sales made from any of our other products as well.

In other words, affiliate tracking is done by publisher rather than by product.

This way, whenever we promote back-end products or follow-up offers, you will still get credit.


When Will Payments Be Made On My Affiliate Sales?

Your initial payment will be made after you have reached $50 in affiliate sales.

Affiliate payments are sent via Paypal (please ensure your paypal email is up to date in your affiliate account).

Payments are sent out once a month for qualifying affiliates, on the 15th of the month following the 30-day period after the commission was earned — this is to take into account refunds and cancellations, even though they are at a very low rate compared to the industry.

You must have a minimum commissions payable amount of $50 in order to paid out in any subsequent pay period.

Provided your stats meet this threshold, a payout will be triggered.

If you don’t meet this threshold, a payment will be sent on the next payment date if you have then reached the thresholds.


What is the commission structure?

The percentages we pay out on referred product sales depend on a few factors:

#1) The products that your referred customers purchase

#2) Your affiliate status (we may reward certain affiliates higher commissions for their level of activity or marketing involvement, or strategic joint-venture integration)

#3) Special marketing campaigns or product launches that we’re employing.

The current payout percentages, per product, can be found inside our ACP (Affiliate Control Panel) — a private login area you’ll have access to once you’re approved as an affiliate.


Can I change any of the promotional copy or ‘creatives’ to fit my needs?

You have the flexibility to ‘tweak’ pre-written emails to fit your own style.

However, we ask that you check in with us if you feel you need to dramatically change any of our provided copy, to make sure that it’s still accurate and doesn’t give away proprietary or sensitive details that shouldn’t be published publicly.

Of course, if you’re writing your own personal review on any of our products, that’s perfectly fine, with the exception of M4 Insider, which needs our approval first due to certain rules and regulations.


Great, Now Where Do I Sign-Up?

You can get more details about our affiliate program, including eight reasons to promote our flagship product (M4 Insider), and sign-up here…